Marketing to the C-Suite: How it can impact sales

Questions like why approach the C-Suite during B2B marketing? And to what degree they can affect your sales? These questions are worth answering because they actually play a very important role in the various decision making processes of any business entity. As a marketer, to make them agree with you, can have a noteworthy impact on your sales.

There are voices within a business organization which are listened to without much question because they are the people who have had the practical experience of how things work and will also be apt in making decisions that suit the company’s growth. These are the C-Suite profile holders which includes designations such as, the CEO, CMO, CFO, CDO, CPO, COO and CIO etc. However, you need to know or you might be already aware that C-Suite differs from industry to industry based on genre, size and so on. Although they might almost sound similar they perform different duties in various frequencies. The challenge lies in figuring out which profile to get through for a specific product or a service while marketing. As the C-Suite personalities are the key decision makers and have the ability to influence the purchasing or any other crucial decisions for the company. Hence, bring in the C-Suite databases to connect with them because gaining their trust by approaching them sensibly during the marketing phase would impact the kind of sales you are going to close for your own business. Look into the following points and realize why it is essential to market your brand to the C-Suite and the kind of impression would it have on your sales-

The long term thinkers

The C-Suite has the business acumen to think of anything related to business on a long term basis as they have either seen how the business cycle has actually worked for a long time or are the members of the founding family (if not long years of experience they will certainly have a sense of responsibility for the brand by default, well at least most of them do so). So, when you approach them with a convincing pitch about the kind of utility your products or services might have for their day to day functioning; they won’t just do away with it even if it might not sound immediate for the present needs, they are expected to have the capacity to figure out whether the proposal you are are presenting to them can be used in the future or not. However, it does depend upon your own sensibilities to present your brand in order to eventually make them buy into what you are pitching. If you can win over their trust you will definitely have worthy decision makers on your side to catapult your sales to a favorable level.

Thorough knowledge of the company

The people designated to the C-Suite usually have a thorough knowledge about the company and they possess an idea about what can most possibly work for the business as a whole and usage of just fancy word or a concept is not going to work for. You as a marketer must be able to tell them the whole nine yards about your brand and where exactly would it take their company to when they sit down to listen to you. B2B hasn’t come up to be as something which is a lot more complicated than B2C marketing for no reason. Let us understand why? Your customers are the businesses and the intensity level ups while putting a word to the C-Suite people. Even though, a CEO and CDO might not be working for the same component but they are in a position wherein their core goal would be to take along the entire business entity forward and not just excel in the area they are assigned to. They will be ultimately channelizing their efforts for the good of the company as a whole. Hence, successfully marketing your products to them would undeniably mean that you were worthwhile enough to nudge someone who cannot afford to take superficial decisions. Although, they may not always agree and you do acknowledge that, however, if you have connected with them on genuine levels, then, they may just get back to you or vice versa.

Executives who get there and stay suggest solutions when they present the problems. -Malcom Forbes

Lucrative agreements and enhanced AOV

Certainly, we are aware that C-Suite people are not be messed around with while marketing or during any other conversation related to business. Yes, they won’t probably stare back at you with horns, however, it is not easy to sway them as they are deeply rooted to what their company is exactly about and what all inputs are needed to make it better. Therefore, talk to them about how effectual your products or services could be in nourishing the day to day functioning of their business as wooing them by fancy words, and superficial demonstrations is a complete no. Don’t land up boasting about how great your brand is but tell them the plus points in a concise way! If you are able to make them listen to you and convince them about your proposal, give yourself a pat on your back because getting these profile holders on your side means it will be easy for you to negotiate with them about sales either in the present or in the future. Hence, conclude with lucrative agreements and enhance your AOV (Average Order Value) in a worthwhile way.

You don’t just walk away after approaching or convincing your prospects in C-Suite marketing;

You should up your game to let them know that you will be there to help them grow. Moreover, when you say that your brand will be a worthwhile purchase for them, then you better mean it. Therefore, go forward with your marketing plans with the best version of who you are as a marketer and concoct the kind of sales strategies that have a positive influence on your conversions by hitting the right cord with the C-Suite profile holders.

Author: Shiann Garcia

Shiann Garcia is a blogger and content writer with ample experience in the field. Inspired by her travel escapades during her college days, writing to express herself has been her forte. Sharing a deep insight into content marketing has allowed her to understand the varied perceptions of the marketing business world. Shiann loves to cook during her free times and enjoys learning more about different cultures.

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