Top B2B Email Subject Line Tactics to Connect with C-levels

Are you having trouble connecting with the “C-Level” Executives?

Are you facing trouble getting the Executives to reply to you?

We understand your concern. In a moment, we are going to share with you the top B2B Email Subject Line Tactics to connect with C-levels.

Firstly, instead of talking to the C-levels, conversing with them is extremely important. We do know that persistence is the key. C-Level executives have a lot of influence over crucial business decisions yet barely any time. You as a marketer has to utilize every minute effectively and efficiently not to blow it and earn your business. Getting across to them through emails is effective. However, your email marketing should be strategic and skillful. To immediately asses the executive’s mood and get the expected response we have listed some tested tactics for forming converting subject lines, which will help you accomplish the best chance to actually make them open your email pitches and gain an opportunity to get your value statement across..

Email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel. Nevertheless, what you should know is, most emails are never opened. It’s bleak. If you really want tostand out among the several other email pitches that the c-suite get on a daily basis, your subject line definitely, has to be believable and bold.


The short and simple subject line to your email performs the best– at least when you are messaging a senior executive. People are likely to ignore the sales language and react to personalized words, like a subject line which highlights their current issues or is related to their professional persona. To capture the interest of your recipients, use short and crispy subject lines after good research on their industry, social profile through LinkedIn and so on and build a good list of the c-level database to send your pitches across.

For example: “Conversion rate optimization webinar? Yes please.”

This will give them a context and drive them to take action. Ask questions, which will make them visualize the future and see a different version of themselves or their business.

Make sure to dig deep into c-level’s hopes and goals.


I would suggest you use a different subject line for every email and make some sense at the same time. If you end up using the same subject line for every email you send to the c-levels, your open rates will drastically decrease as the gatekeepers [their personal assistants or secretaries] may think you’re running behind them for the same intention continuously. In other words, your email has the ultimate power to make or break the business proposals. Let them have a reason to open your email and go through something relevant and unique.


You should ensure that your subject line fits a mobile screen as the c-level executives tend to check their emails on their smartphones quite often, and trust me, you would not want to miss that chance.

One of the problems marketers face when they try to write a compelling subject line is that they bombard the content with too much information. They have this irresistible urge to highlight their entire intention in that one line. About 50-59 character range is sufficient to make your point.

They will skim through their emails, and your subject line should grab their split second of attention that they pay on the subject line.


Use your creativity in uploading the best suitable keywords and be cautious as well. Right keywords can enhance your open rates. Use words like “Free” or “Trial” and check for Google Spam trigger words to avoid buzzwords which can send your email straight to spam folder.

Use the square brackets carefully, for example, marketing strategies’ [eBook]

Using the keywords resonating to the c-levels concern is the best way to intrigue them to wonder the purpose of it and contact you. You can also experiment with different styles and A/B test them to determine the key message you are communicating.


Have you heard of A/B testing? If not, split testing also known as A/B testing of email subject lines is comparing two versions of subject lines to check which will perform better.

Other factors that matter while sending in emails to your c-level audience are everyday things like, the day of the week and time and so on. You got to monitor every detail religiously as this can either hike your open rates or hurt it.

Out of all the factors of email marketing tactics to connect with C-levels, the subject lines is where you should be spending an ample amount of your time and energy along with the main message.

Be sure to point out that you understand that their time is valuable by keeping the subject line short and precise. Oh, and don’t forget to check your grammar before you send the email pitches to the executives.

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Author: Shiann Garcia

Shiann Garcia is a blogger and content writer with ample experience in the field. Inspired by her travel escapades during her college days, writing to express herself has been her forte. Sharing a deep insight into content marketing has allowed her to understand the varied perceptions of the marketing business world. Shiann loves to cook during her free times and enjoys learning more about different cultures.

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